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About Me

Hello everyone!  My name is Jeffrey Fiesta.  Born in Port Huron, Michigan, and son to a Navy veteran, I've been fortunate to have lived all around the world.  I currently reside in Tampa, Florida, but have always considered my hometown to be Pensacola, Florida. I am proud to be an Escambia High School and University of Florida Gator. 

Since grade school I've had a passion for traveling.  It may come from the military upbringing.  I graduated with a Computer Information Science degree and currently work as a director of a local marketing research firm.  Its been a long time since I've created a website of any kind.  I did this mainly to improve upon skills and to share in a social world my travels around the globe, of which I'm very proud of.  

I hope that my experiences will encourage you to start your own bucket list.  It has definitely inspired me to see the world and to have direction on where my next trip should be.  Write it down, work towards it everyday, cross it off the list, add something new.  God Bless.

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