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I originally decided to create a new webpage to sharpen my skills in photo/video editing as well as get back to building websites. Back in my Computer Science days at the University of Florida, I used to do websites the old school way, text editor only. With technology these days, I knew I had to keep up. In trying to think of a theme of my website, I decided to create one about something I'm truly passionate about, and that's when I came up with a travel blog website. What does it all mean? 'Pinoy' is Tagalog (one of the languages of the Philippines) for 'Boy.' This is a Filipino version of "Boy Meets World." What you'll find here are my experiences, pictures, and videos of my travel experiences. I'll also offer some suggestions and insight if you choose to travel to those areas too. I hope you all enjoy!

My Instagram Feed @FiestaBucketList is now being updated to @PinoyMeetsWorld. I will also start a Facebook fan page, as well as a Twitter Feed. Feel free to follow the journey

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