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Philadelphia Phillies - Citizens Bank Park - Ballpark 3

Headed for the 3rd ballpark in 4 days, I left Baltimore in the afternoon after doing some sightseeing around town. I took an Uber to the train station then took the 1.5 hour train ride from Baltimore to Philadelphia. I had been to this stadium before, but first time in 7+ years. The Philadelphia Phillies had sent me 3 free tickets to the game. I decided to bring my friend Weston and his friends to the game. Weston graciously let me stay at his place for the night. I arrived to his place around 3pm and we sat on his rooftop deck, just catching up. He lived not even 2 miles from the stadium. We Ubered to the stadium and met up with his friends at XFinity Live, a place across the stadium where you could eat, drink, and listen to live music before the game. We took our seats for pre-game ceremonies which was in section 116 behind the Phillies dugout. Thanks Catherine Brown for the seats. The Phillies scored a record 12 runs in the first inning! It was amazing. The first inning alone took well over an hour. About the 3rd inning, I went to get a cheesesteak (of course) and to stamp in my MLB Passport. Phillies demolished the Nationals. Phillies 17 - Nationals 3

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