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Boston Red Sox - Fenway Park - Ballpark 5

Surprisingly, it was cheaper to fly to Boston from New York City than taking the train! So I took the 30 minute flight from Laguardia to Boston and racked up some more Delta miles. From the airport I took an Uber to the AirBNB I was staying that night. After my DC experience with AirBNB, I was kind of timid of what this was going to be like as there were 6 people sharing this house this time. I arrived and it wasn't as bad as I had thought. I got settled in quickly and worked up until game time. The Boston Red Sox sent me an email telling me to meet an ambassador prior to the game to give me a special tour, so I got to Fenway at 5:30p. As 6:00 approached, nobody came out for me so I asked the security guy, where I could find the guy that sent me the email. While waiting I saw Dennis Eckersley and Jim Palmer in the hall way. Still nobody came. I told the security guy that I was going to go watch batting practice and to tell the guy to call me if he ever shows up. Eventually the ambassador did call me. His name was Gus Agusto. Gus apologized to me saying that he was finding today's bat boys and bat girls. He said he had a couple of minutes and took me on a tour of the Red Sox Hall of Fame, front office, and took me as close as he could to the green monster before grounds crew told him we had to leave. He then asked where I was sitting and said he would be by with a gift from the Red Sox and finish our tour.

I made it my seats, Section 94, watched the pre-game ceremonies, and waited for Gus' call. I did get a Boston Lobster Roll too before sitting down. He came by after the 7th inning stretch and gave me a gift bag that had a bobble head, yearbook, and said he was going to take me to his favorite spot to watch the game. Up on the Green Monster He took a lot of pictures of me and we parted ways. I went to my seat to see the remainder of the game when Gus called my cell phone "Tell me you haven't left the stadium yet!" ... I had not. He told me to come meet him and he had a special surprise. Once the stadium cleared, Gus brought me back behind the scenes. We walked by post game interviews of the Orioles, and he said he got permission to bring me to the Green Monster .. just the two of us. It was surreal. And amazing doesn't even describe it. It was the history of baseball, and I was seeing it at an angle that not too many people get the chance to see. Thanks Boston, for the hospitality. Red Sox 8 - Orioles 1

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