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New York Yankees - Yankee Stadium - Ballpark 6

I took the 30 minute flight from Boston back to New York City. My sister and brother-in-law made it into town, so I decided to take the day off of work. My sister had to work, but my brother-in-law, Matt decided that to go to the game with me. The Yankees generously gave me a ticket to the game for free. Clifford Davis of the Yankees told me to go to the Will Call and show my ID. To my surprise, I was given a ticket in the Delta 360 suite. Matt wanted to sit next to me, so we asked for another ticket, and they said $400. Um, no thanks. So we got him a ticket in the section next to the suite. When inside we went to the Yankee Museum, Monument Park, and wandered the stadium until the game started. For pre-game ceremonies, I went into the suite. I was bringing Matt free popcorn, waters, peanuts, etc. It was an awesome time. After the 5th inning, I left the suite and went and took in an inning at different vantage points in the stadium. I like the new Yankee Stadium, but I do not love it like I did the old Yankee Stadium. Bottom line, Yankees won! Yankees 8 - Rays 4

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