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Los Angeles Angels - Angel Stadium - Ballpark 13

After a day in Los Angeles, Eric and I decided to rent a car and get some AirBNBs over in Anaheim. Plus there were some poker rooms we wanted to check out as well. Leading up to the game there were many things I was hoping would happen. A few days earlier, Albert Pujols hit #600 HR and Mike Trout was also put on the DL leading up to my trip. So I was slightly disappointed that neither would happen today. But we move on. The day of the game, we started out at Yard House. There aren't too many bars in walking distance to the stadium if you're looking to get one pre-game that serves liquor. A lot serve beer, but not a whole lot of vodka. LOL. After lunch, we walked over to the stadium. The stadium itself was nice, nothing spectacular. There is a rock type structure that sort of resembles Big Thunder Mountain from Disneyland, which would make sense if that's what it is, (I never researched it). There was also multiple Mickey Mouse statues throughout the stadium. We watched the game from different vantage points about 2 innings at a time. Starting at the upperdeck behind home plate. Right field upper deck, 3rd baseline lower level. Tied 3-3, in the 8th inning, Eric and I sat in right field, and witnessed Aaron Judge of the Yankee's hit a home run about 4 rows ahead of us. There were a lot Yankees fans in Anaheim and the stadium erupted. It proved to be the difference in the game as I finally lost a home team game that I've attended. Los Angeles Angels 3 - New York Yankees 5.

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