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Miami Marlins - Marlins Park - Ballpark 17

For the final game in my June baseball trips, a few of my best friends were going down to Miami to celebrate a birthday. I did the 4 hour drive from Tampa to Miami after work on Friday, a night before the game. On game day, Anthony, Amy, and Jean were running a little late, so Lee and I took off to the game via Uber. I never miss the star spangled banner, or first pitch and it wasn't going to start today. When we first got to the stadium, there was a tribute mural to the late Jose Fernandez who was killed in a boating accident last year. I obliged and paid my respects and took a picture there. Marlins Park is a paperless stadium so we entered via eTickets. I'm not a fan of that, as I'm a traditionalist and love to collect ticket stubs. When we entered I immediately stamped into the game in my MLB Ballpark Passport and took in the bobble head museum. So neat to see all the different bobbleheads sent in by all of the teams. Unfortunately, the roof was closed for the game. I'm not sure the reason why as it was beautiful outside. If anyone knows me, I'm not a fan of stadiums with the roof closed. I prefer they play in the elements. The others eventually met up at the seats. After taking in a couple of innings we decided to walk around the stadium. We watched an inning from the outfield near the Budweiser bar. After that we went on a search for the "Taco Dog". We had read about it in several blogs and decided to go find it. It's basically a hotdog in a tortilla shell. Lee eventually got sick on it, but I thought it was good. After eventually make it back to our seats, Anthony, Amy, and Jean left the game and Lee and I took in the rest of the game.

The Marlins were up early but the Cubbies eventually prevailed. Chicago Cubs 5 - Miami Marlins 3.

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