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San Francisco Giants - AT&T Park - Ballpark 14

I took the quick flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Oddly, a one way flight was actually cheaper than taking the train. On this leg of the trip, one of my best friends Joshua Jackson was meeting up for a couple days . He had never been to San Francisco. My sister and brother-in-law were also going to be in town for a few days so they were coming to the ballpark as well. After checking into our hotel, Josh and I made our way to meet my sister at 21st Amendment Brewery, walking distance to the stadium. After a couple of cold ones we began our walk towards AT&T Park. The Giants graciously left me a gift bag full of Giants swag (Hat, 2 bobble heads, and 2 yearbooks) that I picked up prior to the game. Also, it was Madison Bumgardner T-shirt Night. Once we got into the stadium, the view was incredible. The view during the daylight out into the McCovey Cove, is priceless.

The game itself was okay. We watched a couple innings from our seats and then walked around the stadium. We were unable to slide down the Coca Cola bottle, kids only. Ugh. The game wasn't very competitive. The Royals scored early and often. After the game it was quite a sight to see, all of the seagulls game in and started feasting on left over food in the stands. Its almost like they knew it it was feeding time.

Two days later, a fellow Ballpark Stampeder left us ballpark tour tickets and we were able to get the full experience and take in one of the best parks in all of baseball. San Francisco 1- Kansas City 8.

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