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 My Bucket List

As of January 23, 2018 (* means complete)

**(82 out of 101 items, completed)**

1 Attend an Olympic event
2* Catch a fish
3* Climb a mountain
4* Go bungee jumping
5* Go skydiving
6 Go to an NBA Finals game
7* Go to an NCAA National Championship
8* Go to the Kentucky Derby
9* Go to the Super Bowl
10* Go to the World Cup
11* Go to the World Series
12* Go white water rafting
13* Learn to water ski
14* Participate in a WSOP event
15* Run and complete a marathon
16* Ski down a mountain
17* Swim with dolphins
18* Take in a day at the Daytona 500
19 Watch a professional European Soccer match in Europe

20* See the London Bridge in England
21* See the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
22* Visit the ancient ruins of Italy
23* Visit Legoland in Denmark
24* See Michelangelos David
25* Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
26 Run with the Bulls in Spain
27* Kiss the Blarney Stone
28 Sail around the island of Capri
29* See Stonehenge (Wiltshire, England)
30* Take a gondola ride in Venice
31* See the leaning tower of Pisa
32* Enter the Coliseum in Rome
33* Visit an active volcano
34* Oktoberfest in Germany
35* Take a ride on the world's largest ferris wheel (The London Eye)
36* Be in Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick's Day

37* Visit the Opera House in Sydney, Australia
38* Dive the Barrier Reef
39 Go Hiking in a Rainforest

40 Shark Cage Diving
41 See the Giza Pyramids (Egypt)
42 Float down the Nile River
43* Take a real African Safari ride in Africa


44* Visit Moscow
45* See Petra in Jordan
46 Sip tea in a Japanese tea garden
47* Visit a Buddhist temple
48 See the Taj Mahal (India)
49* Walk the Great Wall of China
50* Visit the Forbidden City (China)

Caribbean Islands/South America
51* Visit a Caribbean island
52* Go on a cruise
53 Witness the Christ Redeemer, Brazil
54 Tour Machu Picchu (Peru)
55 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


North America
-New York
56* Be in New York City for New Years Eve
57* Go ice skating in Rockefeller Center in New York
58* See a Broadway show on Broadway
59* Visit the Statue of Liberty
60* Visit Chinatown and Little Italy in New York

-Washington, DC
61* Visit the Smithsonian
62* Visit the Senate while its in session
63* Visit the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial
64* Visit the Supreme Court


65* Run up the same steps Rocky did in Philadelphia
66* Eat a Philly Cheese steak in Philadelphia
67* Visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory in PA

68* Visit Ronald Regan’s burial site in Simi Valley, California
69* Ride a cable car in San Francisco
70* Take a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

71* Go to Disney Land or Disney World
72* Spend a weekend in Vegas
73* Go through (and SURVIVE) Mardi Gras New Orleans
74* Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon (Iceland)
75* See Mount Rushmore
76* Visit the Arches in St Louis
77* See the Northern Lights
78* Take in the sights at the Grand Canyon
79* Take a ferry out in Niagara Falls
80* Witness the pyramid at Chiche’n Itza, Mexico

Quality of Life/Miscellaneous
81* Graduate from college
82* Own a house that I can call my own
83* Own a dog
84* Learn to play an instrument
85* Make snow angels
86* Go camping- a lot
87* Learn a second language
88* See a hurricane or tornado and live to tell about it
89* Skinny dip
90* Road trip across the country
91* Be on TV
92* Ride the world's tallest roller coaster (Kingda Ka)
93 Fly in an F-16
94* Ride a motorcycle
95* Watch the sunset with someone you love
96 See the sunrise on the east coast and set in the west coast in the same day
97* Get a tattoo
98* Fall in love
99 Get married
100 Have children
101 LIVE

The Next List
101*-Take a ride on the world's largest ferris wheel (High Roller)
102*-Take a ride on the world's fastest roller coaster (Ferrari World)
103*-CN Tower Edge Walk (Toronto, Canada)
104-Attend the Master's
105*-Attend the Stanley Cup

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