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Washington Nationals - Nationals Park - Ballpark 1

My quest for all 30 baseball parks started in Washington, D.C. and from the start it was threatened by rain. I decided to come in a day earlier than expected just so I could get in the April 5th game in, as the April 6th game was threatening to be a rain-out. Unfortunately, I didn't account for rain-outs in my schedule and I didn't want Game 1 of the quest for 30 starting out like that. So I made sure I made it in to see it. I flew into Reagan National Airport, and it was a quick Metro ride to the AirBNB I was staying at near the stadium. It was also a first for me to stay in an AirBNB in a shared house environment. Let's just say it was interesting. I worked remotely until 7pm game time and then I walked over to the stadium for the game. I purchased a MLB Passport in the offseason. Its a book where you can stamp in every stadium. So I was excited to get to the ballpark to stamp in for ballpark #1. The team store in the outfield near personalization had the stamp, and I was officially stamped in! As you'll see throughout the journey, I love sitting upper level behind home plate. I feel like I can see better up there and the tickets are usually pretty cheap. I sat in Section 313. Home of the guys that started the "N-A-T-S, Nats, Nats, Nats" cheer. Great guys. Showed me what to do after every run and were fascinated about my attempt at all 30 ballparks this year. The ballbark is fairly new still compared to most parks. Most people enter through the outfield gates. When you walk in, the starting line up is on the wall to your right. there is a nice Budweiser restaurant and porch there as well. Nationals won. Nationals 6 - Marlins 4

On April 6 I went back to Nationals Stadium. This was the original date scheduled for my baseball tour. This time I had free tickets. A friend from back home, her boyfriend worked as a scout for the Nationals and hooked me up with some pretty awesome seats. This time I was in section 116 right above the Nationals dugout. I had seen a lot of things from the night before so I really just watched the game. And most importantly, the Presidents race. Even got a picture with the boys. Great start to my journey...

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