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New York Mets - Citi Field - Ballpark 4

Fourth ballpark in 5 days. Definitely starting to log in some miles here. My friend Weston in Philadelphia dropped me off at the train station in the morning to catch 2+ hour train from Philadelphia to Penn Station, New York. Being as expensive as NYC was, I decided to use my Marriott points and stay near Bryant Park (which is by the way, my favorite park in the WORLD). I checked into my hotel early and went to the ballpark early to take some photos. They don't allow selfie sticks in most parks, so wanted to go before Sunday Night Baseball. Wore my Tebow jersey, which NYM fans don't really like him. How can you not like Tim Tebow?

I eventually made it back to the hotel, to drop the selfie stick off, and then make my way to the night game. I had gotten tickets upper level behind home plate as I normally do, and even had access to the Club suites. Before the game, I had to get a Shake Shack burger since I was in New York. I watched BP and walked around the stadium for awhile. I was meeting up with Gary Herman, a legend in the MLB Passport circles known as Stamp Champ. I let him stamp my book for me, and validated it. We made our way up to our seats to watch the game. Gary and his friends were very nice and are multi-year season ticket holders. About the 7th inning I left Gary to head to the club suites. I had heard the Nutella Balls were an item to try for dessert, so naturally, I went for it. Overall, it was a great night, capped by going into the Mets Hall of Fame. Let's Go Mets, home team won again! Mets 5 - Marlins 2

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