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Colorado Rockies - Coors Field - Ballpark 9

Happy Mother's Day from Denver, CO! My friend Britt from Tampa flew in to join me on my journey for all 30 ballparks in 2017. We got to the ballpark very early for a noon game. While waiting outside of the media gate, we were able to meet Orel Hershiser, who was more than willing to sign and take pictures with 6 people waiting. Great guy. Britt is friends with Rockies pitcher, Jake McGee who left tickets for us. Bad news when we got there is that player will call tickets were not brought down until 1 hr before the game. We wanted to go in when the gates open so we could get autographs so we went and got "Rock Pile" tickets for $7 on game day to get in the stadium, then planned on picking up Jake's tickets 1 hour before the game. We got in, and met up with Jake next to the Rockies dugout before the game. Great guy! We weren't successful getting anymore autographs before the game.

Once the game started, Britt and I had a plan. We watched the 1st inning in our seats, 2nd inning we went to stamp in our MLB Passport in the team store, 3rd inning, food and pictures with Dinger (Rockies Mascot), 4th inning meet Jake in the Rockies bullpen for some game balls that he thew up to us, 5th inning the Rooftop in the outfield (also ate burgers at Chubbs), 6th inning, upperdeck behind homeplate for photos along with mile high row of seats, 7th inning back in our seats, 8th inning meet up with fellow Stampeders Roger and Carrisa, 9th inning in our seats. Jake even got in the game so it was nice. Overall a great day for baseball. Rockies win! Rockies 9 - Dodgers 6

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