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Seattle Mariners - Safeco Field - Ballpark 16

Flew into Seattle to meet an old friend from Daytona Beach, Tara, who had arrived into the city before me. We stayed at an AirBNB near Pikes Market. The Mariners graciously donated batting practice and game tickets in the quest for all 30 ballparks this season. Tara and I got there pretty early. After checking-in, we were taken from the Mariners front office through the tunnel and out onto the field. The Tigers are my 2nd favorite baseball team so I was pretty excited to see batting practice. Disappointingly, I was unable to snag any autographs from field level. After the batting practice we had some time before the game started so we walked around trying to find a drink. We later found out that they only serve alcohol in select areas of the ballpark. We made our way to the bullpen area where we saw my long-time hometown friend Melissa, her husband Patrick, and their newborn son River. We had planned on meeting up during the game, but didn't plan on running into each other where we did. It was the first time meeting River! We watched the first inning from the right field bar and eventually met up with Melissa and Patrick at their seats in the lower level. Patrick works at the stadium in the summer part-time so offered up some pretty cool information about Safeco Field. After a few innings, Tara and I decided to catch the game from different vantage points. Mariners pulled away late. Seattle 6 - Detroit 2.

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