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Atlanta Braves - SunTrust Park - Ballpark 19

I flew up to Atlanta for a day to watch the Braves vs the Cubs. I was excited to see my friends Janel and Anne-Rose and their fiances even for a short while. This is the opening season at SunTrust Park and I think they did a really great job trying to capture the history of Braves baseball and bringing in some local flare. The Braves had graciously given Janel, Kevin, and I batting practice passes. Upon arriving at SunTrust Park, we had a quick drink in the Battery before heading into the stadium. After checking in and being given our passes, we made it down to the field. I was on a quest to get Terry Pendleton's autograph on a picture that he took with my Godson during Spring Training in Orlando. If it was the only autograph I got that day, I would be happy. When the Braves took the field I held up the picture of Nolan and he recognized himself right away and waved to me. He eventually made his way over to me and he was so nice to sign the photograph for me, and a ball for Janel. Mission accomplished. While I was down there I was also able to get Matt Kemp and Jon Jay from the Cubs. I was actually disappointed in my Cubs. Being a life-long fan of theirs, I was so excited to see them. But standing literally an arms length away from Anthony Rizzo, Joe Maddon, and others, I was merely ignored. I really hoped that Championship the year before didn't get to their head. At least acknowledge your fans with a hello or a thank you.

After batting practice, we walked around the stadium, taking pictures from the upper deck, the outfield, and Braves Monument Garden before finally meeting up with Anne-Rose and Nate. We didn't even get one pitch in before the skies opened up and it began to downpour. It was a 2.5 hour rain delay, and I seriously didn't think the game would happen. It would've messed up my entire ballpark schedule. During the delay I got the infamous Burgerizza. Its a burger between two pepperoni pizzas. It took 20 minutes to make, but worth it. I couldn't finish the whole thing, but I tried. I also went and took pictures around the park, got stamped in, and got my Godson, Nolan, another Braves jersey. The game evenutally started at 9:30p. So in my book, it counted! I knew it was getting real late and everyone had to work the next day, I was flying out the next day. We stayed until the 7th inning stretch which was around 11:00pm and made it back to Janel's apartment to catch the last inning and a half.

Although the Cubs upset me earlier, I was happy to see them win. Atlanta 1 - Chicago Cubs 5

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