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Los Angeles Dodgers - Dodger Stadium - Ballpark 12

In the morning, I took the quick train from San Diego to Los Angeles. I had a friend that was playing in the World Series of Poker in Vegas that wanted to take a break and meet up, so I definitely welcomed it. Shortly after arriving at the LA Hotel Downtown, Eric arrived. We went to the stadium to watch the Old Timers softball game. It was great to see some of the legends of the Dodgers back on the field. After the softball game and before the baseball game, Eric and I explored the stadium. Despite what others say about Dodger Stadium, I must say, I'm not a fan. It is old, the amenities are sub-standard. There are no escalators or ramps ... there are stairwells. And I hate stairs. And the food options are sub par. Every food stand has pretty much the same stuff. Dodger Dogs for all. We watched the game from different vantage points throughout the game. Upper level, lower level, outfield. At the end of the game we met up with a fellow Ballpark Stampeder, Jamie, and watched the remainder of the game.

The game itself was actually very exciting. Corey Seager's first career walk-off hit, a ninth-inning double scoring Yasiel Puig, gave the Dodgers a 5-4 win over the Reds on Saturday night at Dodger Stadium. Los Angeles 5 - Cincinnati 4.

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