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Oakland Athletics - Oakland Coliseum - Ballpark 15

The halfway point in the quest for all 30 ballparks. The Athletics graciously gave Josh and I batting practice field passes and game tickets and we were told to be there early. When we arrived, we went to pick up our passes, and they weren't there. I had to call the representative that left them for us, and she met us at the entrance to walk us in. She walked us all the way to field level and stayed with us during batting practice. After Oakland was done hitting BP, I saw Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson. I ran up to him and asked him for a picture where he graciously complied. He definitely is one of my all-time favorites. After the Athletics exited the field, the Yankees took the cage. To watch Aaron Judge hit the baseball was truly spectacular. With ease he puts the ball out of the ballpark and hits it a mile. After BP and thanking Debbie for the passes, we decided to walk around and tour the ballpark. In summary, there isn't much to see, at all. The stadium is very old (I hear they are about to build a new one), outdated, and empty. All of the concession stands in the outfield were closed. The football/baseball layout does take time getting used to. The Athletics gave us Club Level tickets. We went into the club and got a pizza and hotdog. The game was pretty exciting. A lot of hits: 30 in all. Athletics took the win in extra innings. Oakland 8 - New York 7.

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